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Hearthstone Drop hack

Make a name for yourself and enjoy the game to its full potential. Hearthstone is mostly a pay to win CCG and to be a top ranking player you have to be whiling to drop big dollars in booster packs or have a tremendous skill (and luck) playing the Arena. To help out players that don’t have the chance to spend money to buy virtual gold we are sharing this cheats to make the game more competitive and the Hearthstone Scene more interesting. As more cards and modes are introduced to the game it will become even more important to have gold to keep with all the new decks and possibilities, if you don’t want to be left behind this is the best tool you can have.

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New Hearthstone and 202 mode in the making ?

Hearthstone 2vs2 Mode
Blizzard has just released the last Hearthstone extension of goblins against GNOME and already rumors are spreading about the next addon: as an alleged insider according to first adopter column from the circles of the game developer to have betrayed now, the next enlargement is already provided in work and a release for April.

Besides the release period for the new extension of the Hearthstone there was also already the first details of their alleged content: so, Blizzard the next addon to put back a stronger focus on single-player content, also was reportedly even a mode in planning, where players must compete for two against two opponents. So maybe for Easter, we see the first 2on2 matches in Hearthstone?

Hearthstone will appear before for iPhones and Android smartphones?

2on2 matches could make even more popular than the digital card game is already Hearthstone. Also, such tag-team games were nothing out of the ordinary for the manufacturer Blizzard, which already relies on a strong multiplayer mode for most of his remaining tokens. The question remains however even in relation to the mobile versions of Hearthstone how will implement the 2on2 mode.

Just the most recently published version of Heathstone Android Tablet has still some devices with performance issues to fight – and here the manufacturer otherwise on perfection certainly will want to rework yet, before a may still be technically complicated play mode will be submitted. Also, still a hearthstone for Android smartphones and iPhones is expected before the release of the next expansion. This was originally planned for 2014, but then moved to more development time to incorporate. Currently, hearthstone is only Android and Apple tablets such as the nexus of 9, the iPad air 2 and the iPad mini 3 playable.

Blizzard Finally Nerfs the Undertaker

Undertaker Nerfed

The undertaker is one of the most popular and strongest cards in Hearthstone. She is toned down with the next patch.

This starts the undertaker as a relatively weak card, but to summon more creatures with Deathrattle mechanics, the undertaker becomes stronger. In the case, he gets an additional attack and an additional point of life energy per creature.

The problem is that the undertaker will cost only a single resource point, so right in the first round played and can be very quickly made with the similar competitive Deathrattle minions. For most opponents, it is very difficult to do anything about it.

Instead of increasing for example the attack value and vitality of the better Deathrattle minions will increase in the future only the attack value.

According to Blizzard’s Community Manager Zeriyah, it was frustrating to play against the undertaker. The upcoming patch to ensure that he is still better than other 1 Mana minions, but the probability that he dies in combat, is higher.

A concrete date for the patch is still pending. But it is conceivable that he will be released during the next maintenance on February 4.

Have you made a legendary version of the better, you can get back the full amount of arcane dust for a limited time after release of the patches in the disenchantment.

Hearthstone has more than 25 million registered players

Number of Hearthstone Users in 2015

World could only dream of such popular Warcraft itself at its best times: the trading card game Hearthstone have more than 25 million players, so Activision Blizzard – the also announced the latest subscriber figures from WoW.

The Hearthstone collectible card game: Heroes of Warcraft is becoming increasingly one of the most important products of Blizzard. So the total Group of Activision Blizzard announced that Heartstone has meanwhile more than 25 million registered players. Of which, although many may be inactive, still indicates the Publisher to be more than satisfied with the sales.

CEO Bobby Kotick says that according to his definition new brands Hearthstone and destiny made together more than 40 million registered players and together around in the last fiscal year $ 850 million in sales. If you simply proportionally converts this number, each player puts about $ 21.25 on revenues and Hearthstone would come to a total of about $ 530 million. Quite the Bill should not have been true, because destiny is a full price game and Hearthstone free-to-play. But it indicates in what magnitude Blizzard now would have to be penetrated trading cards.

Hearthstone keeps growing while Starcraft 2 Stagnates

Stable, the business is currently running with world of Warcraft and call of duty. WoW reached according to Activision Blizzard end of 2014 over 10 million subscribers, by the extension of warlords of Draenor 3.3 million units have been sold within the first 24 hours – a long known number of Publisher at the announcement of business results is not updated. Very well, the players arrived Draenor because it is has focused on some old strengths of world of Warcraft.

The end of 2014 released call of duty: Advanced warfare was the world’s best selling game in the calendar year after representation by Activision Blizzard 2014. Overall the series achieved therefore more than $ 11 billion in sales since the first title published in 2003. The new section scheduled for end of 2015 when the Development Studio Treyarch and should offer lots of innovations. With a first idea may be to be expected in the coming months.

Throughout last year, Activision Blizzard has around US$ 4.41 billion managed turnover – 3.8 percent less than 2013. The net profit was before that, at $ 835 million after $ 1.01 billion in the year. The company does not call special reasons for the slight declines – a cause should be of much higher dollar exchange rate. The share of online, no longer in the stationary trade generated revenues from 34 to 43 percent increased.

In the months of October to December 2014, Activision Blizzard has increased its sales over the corresponding period of the previous year by 5.6 percent to $ 1.57 billion. Net income rose to $ 187 million to $ 361 million. Because the company has reduced its forecast for the current fiscal year, the stock price is after the announcement of the numbers under pressure and collapsed by around 8 percent.

State of the Game – Is Hearthstone Still Fun ?

Hearthstone in 2015
Distrust comes never to early, but often too late. A spell that Blizzard pretty well describes in particular the beginning of the deck of the House. Some time has passed since the very first steps of the children in the year 2013, many changes and adjustments have found their way into the game and our last official test visit is now over a year ago – reason enough to visit again the local tavern and feel the card game critical to the tooth.

Let’s start with Adam and Eve: hearthstone is the card game from the House of Blizzard and is based on the award-winning MMORPG hit world of Warcraft. In this free-2-play adaptation of the fantasy universe, you have to consider the possibility of the most popular characters and heroes of the magical world in the card battle and to measure you with players from around the world. For this you are nine different classes available that each drive with class-specific cards which you can form together with neutral cards to a deck of 30 cards. Ultimately who structured his smarter and has larger cards happiness remains on the Board only the questions. Since the first beta in 2013, Hearthstone has undergone several changes and fascinated with new content. When we tested the title in January last year, the project was in the truest sense of the word, still in its infancy. Now Hearthstone has evolved into a global Internet phenomenon with over 25 million registered users, and we want to see together whether the hype is really justified, or is the product of initial euphoria.

The bottom line of our first tests (to read), however, remains: make it with a relatively simple set of rules and infinite combination possibilities to create the guys at Blizzard, which should take various cards fans captivated an engrossing experience. Long, the community had also doubt over the business model, which from the outset promised ‘ forever free-2-play to stay’. After a solo adventure and an official expansion, we can already anticipate that the developers have kept their promise and provide a fair, free gaming experience of the entire community. Self without having to pay money, the classic gamers can reach the top of the leaderboard with skill and luck of the cards.

It’s all about the grind – Hearthstone demands that you play many hours to be successful

Nevertheless, it remained quiet with the successful concept of the game a long time. Every now and then some changes on the balancing, perhaps a few bug fixes, but more came about a month away, not until the developer suddenly burst the bomb had: A solo adventure with new maps should be produced. And again the whole procedure went off: A single player in an online card game? Can this ever work? At least the adventure would be determined by thematically strongly in the WoW universe and the Kel’ work on Kel’Thuzad saga. In five quarters, the players in two different game modes had the opportunity to tackle about 15 computer-controlled opponents, which demanded a lot of tactics and strategy from the gamers. Especially the fights in the heroic mode waiting with partly unfair abilities and cards, dramatically increasing the challenge and as a whole the game fun. We spent quite a few days with some enemies, until we finally won the victory of joy.

Anyone looking for a challenge, can deliver cool fights in class-specific fighting with special decks, whose Eindruck unfortunately somewhat clouded by easy opponents. Finally, we have dealt with eight of the nine fights at the first attempt. With 700 gold per quarter or 17.99 euros for all district, the only major shortcoming of throughout history presented us, because the fun is by no means easy to activate, if you are not willing to pay 18 euros. Any reasonably experienced players know how long it takes 700 gold to farms. To complete this feat five times requires a lot of stamina. As a whole outweigh the positive aspects of this adventure for us, however, and ultimately remains to emphasize that this element is completely optional.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – add-on with over 100 new cards

100 New Cards to Be Added Soon

Blizzard is planning for the near future a major content update for its collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. More than 100 new thematically sorted maps should then find their way into the game.

Although Blizzard with the curse of Naxxramas has a single player extension just for his Hearthstone collectible card game: Heroes of Warcraft released, but nevertheless already is concerned about more new content for the title. So let the competent production director Jason Chayes talking to polygon.com sound.
With the next content update to wool» shuffle the cards a bit new «, as Chayes.» The upcoming add-on is the first full-fledged expansion pack for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and you want to bring more than 100 new cards:

According to Chayes, the development team spends currently very much time with discussions about how frequently new content should appear at best and if you could find the right mix of solo and multiplayer DLCs. You wanted satisfy both established as well as new players with the upcoming content, so the production Director. This one wanted the cards flood problems from games such as magic but definitely: avoid the gathering, but incorporate new game modes.
Really concrete details about the plans for the future Blizzard regarding Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft called but not Chayes.

Hearthstone – esports tournament excludes female players

Hearthstone Tournament Excludes Female Players

The Finnish esports tournament for the IeSF, women from participating in the competition in Hearthstone are World Championship: Heroes of WarCraft excluded. This results from an absurd rules.

The exclusion of the female players in some disciplines of the IeSF eSports tournament has beaten high waves. As shown in a recent report of the magazine VentureBeat, which among other things has become» Finnish esports Federation «switched on and called for a revision of the respective disciplines.

Also the developer Blizzard Entertainment spoke and made his displeasure about this case relatively clear air.

Due to the harsh criticism, as well as the growing pressure of IeSF has now, and override the gender rules. Therefore, all disciplines scheduled only for male participants for accessible to female players – including Hearthstone are now.
Original message: In addition to other games, also a competition in the digital card game in the WarCraft universe hearthstone is discharged at the IeSF esports tournament. From this however, female participants excluded – according to the form of the Finnish esports Association to the event are exclusively» Finnish male players “admitted.

«On demand from PC Gamer related Markus Koskivirta, the head of the Hearthstone IeSF qualification position to the facts of the case and confirmed that it was not a typo:» it is true, the tournament is open only to male Finnish participants “, so Koskivirta.»
» In accordance with the guidelines of the international sports association IeSF, no female participants are admitted, to avoid possible conflicts, as only men can take part in the main tournament.» Women qualifying would be approved, a potential winner not to the finale in the IeSF could join World Championship, according to this argument.

The gender segregation of the IeSF is dictated from the headquarters in South Korea. «Establish one wool as the eSport» as a real, legitimate sport, so the official opinion. «Organizers in Finland are showing themselves in not necessarily pleased: “we would like to point out that the Finnish esports Association wants to promote equality between men and women in the IeSF tournament.» One is grateful for any support here.

 Blizzard has banned thousands of accounts accused of using Bots in order to Cheat the Game


Hearthstone First Ban-Wave

The developer Blizzard Entertainment has several thousand accounts of the collectible card game, Hearthstone; Heroes of Warcraft banned until the end of the year. They were in use by bots in conjunction.

Blizzard Entertainment also shows in his digital trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft no mercy to cheaters. As the developers on the official website has announced that several thousand accounts recently were banned until the end of this year.

«The said accounts are available in connection with the use of third-party programs that automate game – as» bots aka. This spell wave feels Blizzard Entertainment as a kind of last warning, because in the future the penalty for the use of such bots will be even harder.

Also Blizzard prompts the player entertainment, promptly notify bot accounts and other cheats. To find an appropriate E-mail address, on the official website.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play digital trading card game in the WarCraft universe. In short matches lasting about ten minutes duels between two players are worn out, which lead one of nine playable classes and a deck of 30 self-imposed together playing cards in the fight. In the course of the game, alternately played cards in the form of creatures, spells and equipment, and skills used to defeat the enemy heroes. The various strategies are used depending on hero class and a deck.

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hearthcrawler cracked version


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Today begins a new season in the rank ladder mode of Hearthstone back. If you have accumulated at least rank 20 in July, you’ll receive the Naxxramas card backs as a reward. In August, you can pick up the frosty ice Crown Kartenrückern.

With the end of the fifth season in the mode for ranked games by Hearthstone you will receive a new card backs fit to extend curse of Naxxramas. To do this you must have reached only ranked 20 in the medal system by Hearthstone. The Blizzard developers introduce the new Icecrown cards back in an official blog post, you you can earn in the fifth season.

The August offers you also the last chance to qualify you World Championship for the Hearthstone. Prize money US$ 250,000 wave. The 16 best players who have reached the rank of legend in play mode in any season, can participate in a qualifying tournament for the competition. More details on the Hearthstone World Championship and to the qualification can be found on the official website of Hearthstone. There is more news, articles and information as usual on our topic page to Hearthstone. Which card backs like it currently actually best? It tell us in the comments.

hearthstone combos

Hearthstone Guide series: How to play – Combo Decks

hearthstone combos

Hearthstone-Guide: Combo decks (derived from “Combination”, not “Combo” of the villains) have their strength in the synergy of the deck. Alone, the cards are solid, but in combination they develop their product strength and can make the entire tactic on its head in a train. You can find out how it handles best, in our Hearthstone Guide series part 15.

Combo decks are a special case in hearthstone as the burn variation and be played by experienced players like. A combo deck concentrates on sound cards, which reveal their true strength in interaction with others. This version looks like a conventional tactics until she activates the combo with a map and the gameplay totally changed several laps. Currently it goes especially with large servants who bring the victory with a few strokes. How to install such a monster in the game, is different, but the victory usually ends with a fireworks display.

Hearthstone-Guide: Where is just my combo?

You have to pull the card to card until you’ve got the crucial opener on hand. This servant as prey hoarders, engineer trainee, and gnomish inventor offered, because they allow smaller servant out of the way and provide you additional cards. Other Kartenzieher like the Goblinauktionator are suited because this trigger several times. Until the combo but can be triggered, you must defend you. Often it is to wait to raise your combo up to round 6. Mockery servant are therefore indispensable. The Schildmeista of the Sen’Jin or the Moorkrabbler about slow down the rise of aggressive servant. The monstrosity helps through built-in AE it caused deals 2 damage to all characters at their demise. A healthy balance between combo and defense is the be-all and end-all here.

Hearthstone-Guide: Is the right time now?

Always bear in mind: you have only twice the desired combo card in the deck. None of them may be wasted. When can the opponent Zerstöungszauber play? Studied for this purpose at best the opposing classes to resolve the intended good combo on the field by an attack you want to not see. Protects the card or collect all necessary on the hand and leads you on a train. Your attempts are precious.

Hearthstone-Guide: Example: alarm-O-bot

The simplest combo deck is playable with the magician. With destruction spells gives you empty the playing field and get with the alarm-O-bot mighty servant can get early in the game. This card exchanges at the beginning of the next own train with a random server on the hand. As Deathwing can clean up in round four enter and correct the field. The alarm-O-bot for a round can be protected with mirror image, Frost Nova, and Counterspell. However, the risk persists, your deck is designed only for this card. And everyone will try to destroy when he sees him an alarm-O-bot.

Tip: Our colleagues at the PC games have prepared a special issue to Hearthstone with many tips & guides, which you can purchase on March 5 at the kiosk or as an app! 132 pages concentrated expert knowledge, five removable cheat sheet with classes tips, ideal for beginners and advanced! There is more information in the near future, and here in the shop you can directly order the booklet.

hearthstone money

Only who pays WINS – so many supposed free games on iPad and co. work “Hearthstone” that’s different: the trading cards duel is also fun if you spend no money.

hearthstone money

From the perspective of a trading card game like Hearthstone. My secret is simple i use this Hearthstone Hacks to build my decks without spending a cent.  It is clear what applies at present to collect it: football picture for the Panini album to the World Cup in Brazil. But in this spring, Götze, Ozil and co. get competition from the game world: coveted like the ball wizards blood Mage, wind Lord and Firelord are similar. They exist as digital trading cards in “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”, which attracts millions of people. On the iPad, “Hearthstone” is currently the most popular free game.

Behind this Blizzard Entertainment, the company that programmed already various selling hits with “Diablo,” “Starcraft” and “World of Warcraft”. Now, Blizzard has released for the first time a freemium mobile game: a generally free game, in which also real money you can spend. First, there is “Hearthstone” for iPad, PC and Mac, in the course of the year to appear for iPhones and Android smartphones.
In essence it comes in “Hearthstone” to collect as many cards and the total offer a strong set to assemble – a maximum 30-Member Squad of fantasy creatures, with the taking in duels against other players.

In this respect the game reminiscent of a digital version of the well-known trading card title “magic: the gathering”, where “Hearthstone” asks is. After a one-hour tutorial with computer opponents, you know all the rules and can compete online against real opponents (, as “Hearthstone” works, our Photo Gallery provides a glimpse of).

There is never rule disputes

Scores compared to offline card games “Hearthstone” with comfort functions: as will be shown in each round, which creatures can perform more actions. Rule disputes fall away, and the game automatically charged also character-specific effects. Visually and the sound effects “Hearthstone” acts as a cast, combat operations are visualized with nice animations.

Away from the tactical and turn-based duels, it is the Sammeltrieb, which motivated. Another round, yet a Map Pack: This is the typical idea passes with the hour by hour. Finally, we need to fight nine heroes and several hundred cards. In the game world you may sink less here than in “world of Warcraft”, but is always a good reason for a quick game of “Hearthstone”.

Like other freemium titles the game through in-app purchase is financed. The game offers the option to spend real money on virtual advantage. When “Hearthstone”, you can buy tickets, for 2.69 euro, for example, get two packages with five cards, of which at least one is particularly good or rare.

Who spends any money, can keep up with

With the purchases, it is possible to enlarge his collection quickly. However, that does not mean that you win more often. Packages can also earned, and in the online – battles it takes especially well put together maps and a sensible tactic.

Thus, “Hearthstone” differs from other games with in-app purchases, where it is enough to spend more money than the counterparty to hang him in a highscore list. This principle of hated among many players called “Pay to win” (“pay to win”).

Such as pop-ups, “Hearthstone” waived on mallet payment instructions. It definitely has the option to purchase at the games in mind, feels but not constantly pushed to use it. Good players can have fun for weeks and keep up, without having to spend a dime.

Permanent Internet connection required

A point of criticism there is however also “Hearthstone”: always an Internet connection is required to play. A ride is the wrong place to fight your way through the tutorial. Unlike as in ‘Quiz duel”also no asynchronous games are possible, i.e.: duels, where the players delayed making the next move.

One must give at “Hearthstone” to barter with other players. An internal crafting system offers only the chance to establish new unloved card. Who in card games so always been sharing appealed, is also in the future with “Pokémon” or “magic: the gathering” better served. Or with the Panini pictures.