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Currently this exploit is still working and even though some recent bugs were patched by the Hearthstone DEVS our software is still undetected and undetectable. Updates will be coming soon after we finish polish every features and changing the menu and the GUI to be more user friendly.

Our program isn’t only a gold generator. It will also help you climb the ladder without much opposition with the powerful drop hack that will disconnect any opponent you desire from the game netting you a free win. Use this feature with caution and moderation so it doesn’t raise any kind of suspicion. We were able to reach rank one in less than one hour using the disconnect hack during testing and would probably reach legendary status without a problem. The other interesting feature that we implemented is the “hand hack” that enables you to see your opponent hand at all times of the game giving you a tremendous strategic advantage.

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Hearthstone Drop hack

Make a name for yourself and enjoy the game to its full potential. Hearthstone is mostly a pay to win CCG and to be a top ranking player you have to be whiling to drop big dollars in booster packs or have a tremendous skill (and luck) playing the Arena. To help out players that don’t have the chance to spend money to buy virtual gold we are sharing this cheats to make the game more competitive and the Hearthstone Scene more interesting. As more cards and modes are introduced to the game it will become even more important to have gold to keep with all the new decks and possibilities, if you don’t want to be left behind this is the best tool you can have.

Send us feedback and ideas about features that you would like us to implement and let us know your rankings and arena records in the comment section below. Grab this opportunity now and download our updated tool.  Doesn’t matter if you are playing in the NA or EU servers, we will be updating this tool to always be functional and ready to face any new updates. Check the new Hearthstone Bot as well!


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Hearthstone Bot Features – What you can expect ?

  • The bot is compatible and recognizes every single card
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Why you should use Hearthcrawler to help you climb the ladder ?

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This is a great opportunity for any player that wants to quickly climb the hearthstone rankings and achieve legendary rank. All you have to do is to download this software and edit the configurations and the bot will do the heavy lifting for you. This program is being sold for over 20euros on the official website but here thanks to a anonymous coder you can download the cracked version and utilize every of its functions for free. Don’t worry, this bot won’t get your account banned and even if you have any problem you can always create a new on and start using this tool again.

To win as much gold as possible you will have to win enough games per day. You can set your bot to use custom classes in a way to complete the 3 daily quests in order to gain you some extra gold. The warlock zoo deck is one of the best for this type of action, it will give you the best win rate percentage and enable you to do as many games as possible.

This bot will work with any available mode, from ranked to arena and practice mode as well. What are you waiting for ? Download the cracked version of HearthCrawler and start owning right now!

Today begins a new season in the rank ladder mode of Hearthstone back. If you have accumulated at least rank 20 in July, you’ll receive the Naxxramas card backs as a reward. In August, you can pick up the frosty ice Crown Kartenrückern.

With the end of the fifth season in the mode for ranked games by Hearthstone you will receive a new card backs fit to extend curse of Naxxramas. To do this you must have reached only ranked 20 in the medal system by Hearthstone. The Blizzard developers introduce the new Icecrown cards back in an official blog post, you you can earn in the fifth season.

The August offers you also the last chance to qualify you World Championship for the Hearthstone. Prize money US$ 250,000 wave. The 16 best players who have reached the rank of legend in play mode in any season, can participate in a qualifying tournament for the competition. More details on the Hearthstone World Championship and to the qualification can be found on the official website of Hearthstone. There is more news, articles and information as usual on our topic page to Hearthstone. Which card backs like it currently actually best? It tell us in the comments.

hearthstone combos

Hearthstone Guide series: How to play – Combo Decks

hearthstone combos

Hearthstone-Guide: Combo decks (derived from “Combination”, not “Combo” of the villains) have their strength in the synergy of the deck. Alone, the cards are solid, but in combination they develop their product strength and can make the entire tactic on its head in a train. You can find out how it handles best, in our Hearthstone Guide series part 15.

Combo decks are a special case in hearthstone as the burn variation and be played by experienced players like. A combo deck concentrates on sound cards, which reveal their true strength in interaction with others. This version looks like a conventional tactics until she activates the combo with a map and the gameplay totally changed several laps. Currently it goes especially with large servants who bring the victory with a few strokes. How to install such a monster in the game, is different, but the victory usually ends with a fireworks display.

Hearthstone-Guide: Where is just my combo?

You have to pull the card to card until you’ve got the crucial opener on hand. This servant as prey hoarders, engineer trainee, and gnomish inventor offered, because they allow smaller servant out of the way and provide you additional cards. Other Kartenzieher like the Goblinauktionator are suited because this trigger several times. Until the combo but can be triggered, you must defend you. Often it is to wait to raise your combo up to round 6. Mockery servant are therefore indispensable. The Schildmeista of the Sen’Jin or the Moorkrabbler about slow down the rise of aggressive servant. The monstrosity helps through built-in AE it caused deals 2 damage to all characters at their demise. A healthy balance between combo and defense is the be-all and end-all here.

Hearthstone-Guide: Is the right time now?

Always bear in mind: you have only twice the desired combo card in the deck. None of them may be wasted. When can the opponent Zerstöungszauber play? Studied for this purpose at best the opposing classes to resolve the intended good combo on the field by an attack you want to not see. Protects the card or collect all necessary on the hand and leads you on a train. Your attempts are precious.

Hearthstone-Guide: Example: alarm-O-bot

The simplest combo deck is playable with the magician. With destruction spells gives you empty the playing field and get with the alarm-O-bot mighty servant can get early in the game. This card exchanges at the beginning of the next own train with a random server on the hand. As Deathwing can clean up in round four enter and correct the field. The alarm-O-bot for a round can be protected with mirror image, Frost Nova, and Counterspell. However, the risk persists, your deck is designed only for this card. And everyone will try to destroy when he sees him an alarm-O-bot.

Tip: Our colleagues at the PC games have prepared a special issue to Hearthstone with many tips & guides, which you can purchase on March 5 at the kiosk or as an app! 132 pages concentrated expert knowledge, five removable cheat sheet with classes tips, ideal for beginners and advanced! There is more information in the near future, and here in the shop you can directly order the booklet.

hearthstone money

Only who pays WINS – so many supposed free games on iPad and co. work “Hearthstone” that’s different: the trading cards duel is also fun if you spend no money.

hearthstone money

From the perspective of a trading card game like Hearthstone. My secret is simple i use this Hearthstone Hacks to build my decks without spending a cent.  It is clear what applies at present to collect it: football picture for the Panini album to the World Cup in Brazil. But in this spring, Götze, Ozil and co. get competition from the game world: coveted like the ball wizards blood Mage, wind Lord and Firelord are similar. They exist as digital trading cards in “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”, which attracts millions of people. On the iPad, “Hearthstone” is currently the most popular free game.

Behind this Blizzard Entertainment, the company that programmed already various selling hits with “Diablo,” “Starcraft” and “World of Warcraft”. Now, Blizzard has released for the first time a freemium mobile game: a generally free game, in which also real money you can spend. First, there is “Hearthstone” for iPad, PC and Mac, in the course of the year to appear for iPhones and Android smartphones.
In essence it comes in “Hearthstone” to collect as many cards and the total offer a strong set to assemble – a maximum 30-Member Squad of fantasy creatures, with the taking in duels against other players.

In this respect the game reminiscent of a digital version of the well-known trading card title “magic: the gathering”, where “Hearthstone” asks is. After a one-hour tutorial with computer opponents, you know all the rules and can compete online against real opponents (, as “Hearthstone” works, our Photo Gallery provides a glimpse of).

There is never rule disputes

Scores compared to offline card games “Hearthstone” with comfort functions: as will be shown in each round, which creatures can perform more actions. Rule disputes fall away, and the game automatically charged also character-specific effects. Visually and the sound effects “Hearthstone” acts as a cast, combat operations are visualized with nice animations.

Away from the tactical and turn-based duels, it is the Sammeltrieb, which motivated. Another round, yet a Map Pack: This is the typical idea passes with the hour by hour. Finally, we need to fight nine heroes and several hundred cards. In the game world you may sink less here than in “world of Warcraft”, but is always a good reason for a quick game of “Hearthstone”.

Like other freemium titles the game through in-app purchase is financed. The game offers the option to spend real money on virtual advantage. When “Hearthstone”, you can buy tickets, for 2.69 euro, for example, get two packages with five cards, of which at least one is particularly good or rare.

Who spends any money, can keep up with

With the purchases, it is possible to enlarge his collection quickly. However, that does not mean that you win more often. Packages can also earned, and in the online – battles it takes especially well put together maps and a sensible tactic.

Thus, “Hearthstone” differs from other games with in-app purchases, where it is enough to spend more money than the counterparty to hang him in a highscore list. This principle of hated among many players called “Pay to win” (“pay to win”).

Such as pop-ups, “Hearthstone” waived on mallet payment instructions. It definitely has the option to purchase at the games in mind, feels but not constantly pushed to use it. Good players can have fun for weeks and keep up, without having to spend a dime.

Permanent Internet connection required

A point of criticism there is however also “Hearthstone”: always an Internet connection is required to play. A ride is the wrong place to fight your way through the tutorial. Unlike as in ‘Quiz duel”also no asynchronous games are possible, i.e.: duels, where the players delayed making the next move.

One must give at “Hearthstone” to barter with other players. An internal crafting system offers only the chance to establish new unloved card. Who in card games so always been sharing appealed, is also in the future with “Pokémon” or “magic: the gathering” better served. Or with the Panini pictures.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Is all about the GOLD – Hearthstone and Moneyz

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

You can think of BB´s: better cards means at the same time better chances to win. You must agree to this. After all, hearthstone is a collectible card game. Many forget this. You wanted to start a haptic collectible card game, so you will get hardly trappings, to spend money. Blizzard is there a little accomodating. Currently there is still no barter system between players, which dropped the trading in trading card game, however you must spend not one euro to get all cards. If you don’t have the money you can always search for hearthstone cheats to help you create a good deck.

How do you get tickets? Quite simply: to get new cards, the player has two options. The first possibility is the acquisition of booster packs. Two of these packs cost €2.69 at the time of the test. Buy a pack for 100 gold or buy their way into the arena for 150 gold there can be the player either alternative try luck.

Arena? Never heard of it? Well, once it has bought up, the player must choose one of three classes. Then he can create a random card deck. The gag: the player must not have the selected cards, they will be lent to him for the duration of the arena. With this, he must win then as many games. This loses three times, he flies out from the arena and get a reward. The more victories to create even a greater reward then beckons one. Among other things the awaited booster packs.

The second option is a less complex. In addition to booster packs to win also Arkanstaub in the arena. To get these in addition by the Disenchanting cards. So it has, or one disenchanted a card and wants to destroy it but to take it with free choice in the deck. If you have collected enough Arkanstaub, you can create a selected card. While each card costs different amounts Arkanstaub. The advantage to this: One is not dependent on luck and can extend his deck through greeting cards.


We come to the last and probably most important question: who would I Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft recommend? Hearthstone is a Free2Play title, a pretty good and fun Free2Play title to be exact. Can I recommend it without any mind. True to the motto: a look cost nothing. I personally love the short and crisp gameplay in Hearthstone. If you expect long and mühen soul-games, here is out of place. Which is not to say that the game would make him no fun. A game round takes average about five to ten minutes. In this, every decision counts. Hitting the wrong one, it can cost easily victory one. At Hearthstone, it is possible to turn a whole match even with a life point. Thus, the entire match remains exciting until the last train.
What I like at the moment is not so good, is the pull system. It starts with four or five cards. You can redeem them before the start of the round against random cards from the deck. You can get an additional card round by round. Now I had the problem, often at the end of a match that of the opponent and I all of a sudden with only a map dar stood. From this point it means: either the opponent gets a strong card and destroyed me or I get it – pure luck. A good player would now say: “Yes, why do you have the all the cards played”. “” I would answer: “I had to do it, otherwise the opponent had won the upper hand”.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the long-awaited light look at the video game trading card Heaven anyway. Everyone who ever played world of Warcraft, will find many parallels to Hearthstone. It is in the cards, the skills or the hero.

Entering hearthstone is Atypically fairly easy genre. There are no complex rules. You can simply start playing and understands the game right off the bat. Also, Blizzard has made much effort in the different AI opponents. At these you can try for example new decks and strategies.

My opinion on the Pay2Win? Well, it is and remains a collectible card game. As I have mentioned above, you can spend money, but does not have one. If you have patience, can earn every single card. In arena mode, anyway to play with completely different cards and can here demonstrate his skills.
In addition an iOS and Android version of the game, on which I am particularly pleased coming soon.

hearthstone yugioh magic

Hearthstone – A TCG to Rule Them All

hearthstone yugioh magic
Yu-Gi-Oh, magic: The gathering and Pokémon. Collectible card games or in the English trading card games, short TGC, inspire to young and old. The collectible card game scene is huge. Players from around the world compete still in major tournaments. It is no wonder that large video game publishers in the past have tried on the cards bandwagon to jump with. The result was mostly rather mediocre to bad. Now, the American game developer Blizzard has again opened the Pandora’s box. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft should be a new ray of hope in the virtual universe of trading cards. Manages the haptic in the virtual to relocate Blizzard?

If it anyone can, then Blizzard.

hearthstone collection

Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, world of Warcraft. Blizzard does not necessarily refer to a large and varied range of game. Nevertheless, the game developer has a very different reputation. Blizzard games captivate the player. You can play even years this month, if not. There is still an active StarCraft community and this game has over 15 years under the belt. Therefore: If someone can develop a good virtual collectible card game, it’s Blizzard. Hardly another company has as much experience in the multiplayer genre.

What is new in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft?

Collect, think, fight – a typical collectible card game theme. The name is the program and Blizzard needs not to reinvent the wheel. Players collect cards, assemble a deck of cards and then struggling against other players. The principle is simple, the rules of the game can be still difficult. Advance is ever told that Hearthstone a “easy to play but hard to master” is game, where you can spend many hours.

Currently, about 500 playing cards in the game are available. These are in turn classified in several classes. With classes, I mean world of Warcraft classes. You can play a mage -, Warrior, shaman, rogue, Hunter -, Paladin -, Druids -, priest – or Warlock deck so. To get neutral cards, which can be used in any deck. Depending on the class, the player gets a special special ability. The Mage can fire, for example, a ball of fire, the damage to an opposing card or the Challenger. This ensures that each class plays differently to the others.

To play cards in the Hearthstone, Manakristalle are main resource. Each player will start with a Manakristall. Each round is an another Crystal in the player’s inventory. Ten Manakristalle this are the maximum under normal circumstances. The Mana is the players each round before difficult decisions. It is better to summon two weak creatures on the playing field, rather than a strong? Should he play rather a magic card, instead of a creature?

A collectible card game would certainly no good collectible card game, the cards had no special abilities. Hearthstone of many cards effects there – you already know many effects from the Warcraft games. A map with, for example, ridicule should be played, so the opponent must destroy first them, before he can attack a different card. Cards with the effect of wind’s anger, however, can attack twice, while cards with the effect must suffer anger, only damage before the effect dissolves. Added effects, such as assault, battle cry, death rattle, and, and, and. There are spell cards, which are an important part of the inventory of Warlock – Mage decks, of course.

Now we know what is the main resource and most cards have special effects. But what is the main objective in Hearthstone? Again, Blizzard has not reinvented the wheel. In short you need to reduce the life of the Herausforderes from 30 to 0. This reached you, by you, for example, with your creatures carried out direct attacks on him or harm him with magic cards or with the special ability of your hero.

Only a perfect combination of spell cards, creatures, and a tiny portion of luck give you the victory. But don’t be afraid. At the beginning of each card is overtaxed. Gradually you will realize how you become better at the game. For this reason, Blizzard has built also a little help, which should simplify Decker. From three different cards you select every time one until your deck is full. Then, at the end, you have a whole deck of à 30 cards together. Nevertheless, you should not rely on the tool and create a manual deck as soon as you have dealt you a little more with the game. Only in this way, you can create a perfect deck.


Hearthstone Finally Released

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is officially released

Hearthstone Finally Released

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is officially available for pc and Mac. The game is the beta phase and is now free to play. Versions for Android and iOS tablets and phones are also in the making.

Hearthstone was announced at the Penny Arcade Expo in april of 2013 and was since January this year in open beta. The game has a development team of about 20 people, which is relatively small for a development team at Blizzard. By comparison, World of Warcraft has a team of over one hundred developers and Diablo 3 has between eighty and one hundred. According to Eric Dodds, lead developer of Hearthstone in an interview with Gamasutra.

Hearthstone is a collectible card game based on the Warcraft universe. The game is free to download and play through Battle.net. Only for so-called booster packs must be paid, but the maps that it contains, can also be obtained after long play. The company also has a list of changes between Beta and release.

Hearthstone Noob Guide

Complete Hearthstone Beginner’s Guide: Basic things you need to know about the game

Bizzard somewhat surprised his fans by announcing a certain HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft during PAX East last March, especially as a collectible card game based on the universe of WoW already exists. Almost a year later, the title enters open beta, brings together several thousand players and is talked about in the middle of the esport. Why such a success? Everything simply because the studio gives us once again a game accessible but technical and addictive gameplay, relies on a universe and a design that made their evidence and plays the card of free-to-play. If you want a full strategy guide check the new arena guide at http://hearthstoneguide.org/hearthstone-arena-guide/

Hearthstone Noob Guide

From the first minutes, fans of World of Warcraft (and Warcraft in general) feel known terrain, both the graphics and sound of HearthStone atmosphere recalls the famous MMO. There are nine classes of basis of the game (Warrior, mage, rogue, shaman, Warlock, paladin, Hunter, Druid and priest), some iconic environments (Orgrimmar, Stranglethorn Vale, etc.), not to mention the spells and creatures present in the title of Blizzard. But before start you fully in the adventure, it will go through the training mode in order to learn the basics of the gameplay as we previously explained in our game review.

Training mode

You start the tutorial as the mage Jaina and must defeat each of the other eight classes of the game (controlled by the AI) to unlock Expert mode and access the other game modes. Very easy to take in hand, the mage deck is ideal for start and learn the basic mechanics of the app. Each participant has 30 points of life and a deck of 30 cards, consisting of spells and various servants, that he must use strategically to dropping his opponent to zero hit points. In addition, heroes earn mana Crystal to each round, up to a maximum of ten. Spells cost a number of crystals, symbolized by the number located at the top left of the map, and inflict a number given damage, shown at the bottom left. The servants have also an amount of life points, represented by the figure in the bottom right. Finally, each class has a heroic power suited to his style of fighting (care for the priest, armor for the Warrior, etc.).

The gameplay is therefore extremely classic but has the merit of being accessible to all and intuitive. Measurement of your games and you rake a certain number of experience points, climb in level and complete your collection of cards of basis corresponding to the chosen class.

The construction of the deck

Very quickly, you felt the desire to deal with real players, but it is necessary to first go through a step essential and dear to fans of card games collectible: the construction of the deck. As explained previously, a deck consists of 30 maximum cards, knowing that it is impossible to put more than two copies of a same card in a package (one for the legendary).

Therefore sometimes make difficult choices, taking into account your style of game, the cost of the cards and their effects. Thus, some cards, in addition to inflict damage, will grant bonus or malus based on their text: Provocation means that the opponent is forced to destroy the card in question before tackling to others (except as noted), support allows the servant concerned to attack from its invocation, etc. Other cards to draw, the sinews of war in the TCG.

There is therefore no doubt you will spend a lot of time in the realization of your deck, to create the deck that kills. And it is very likely that during your first hours of play, you are missing some maps to strengthen or balance your game. It is there that the craft system and shop come in.

Purchase and creation of maps

As in any good free-to-play self-respecting, has HearthStone to an in-game store, which allows you to buy packages of cards against real money in order to complete your collection. Each package contains five cards and contains at least one card of uncommon or better quality. If you do not want to put their hands in the Pocket, you have the opportunity to purchase a package against parts of gold, collected all three victories, completing daily quests (kill X servants, win X matches with a class, etc.) or as a reward for the arena mode.

This method solely dependent on luck, you may prefer to perhaps create cards of your choice, désenchantant spells or servants that you do not use. You will then get arcane dust, that allow you to then crafter other cards. Of course, plus a card is rare, more reports of dust it is expensive to create. For example, a community card reports 5 dust and costs 40 to crafter, while one legendary gives 400 dust but costs $ 1,600. The two methods are quite viable, real money only allows you to save time.

Part and arena modes

Once the perfect deck is built, you’ve more to embark on the part (classified or unclassified) mode, which confronts you with real players. Uncategorized mode is a great leg and allows to test the effectiveness of its deck. But it is in class mode that you’ll fully experience HearthStone, pitting you against opponents of your level. Indeed, Blizzard included a system of classification, ranging from level 25 in its legend. There are already players using cheats and other exploits to gain an advantage over everybody else.

The victories make you earn stars and mount in level but attention, from a certain stage, a defeat is synonymous with loss of stars. Part mode is extremely exciting and addictive, as it makes you to imprison the parties and to climb the ladder to be among the best players. Not forget mode arena (paid against real money or gold coins), which will delight gamers the most hardcore: you must build your deck among three cards imposed by the machine. Difficult then to create a balanced game (you must capitulate and build another deck after three defeats) but the sequence of victories and obtaining of valuable rewards are even more rewarding…

Hearthstone open beta starts

The HearthStone Open Beta Has Started With a Bang

For some time there were rumors about a new Blizzard game named “Heroes of Warcraft” rumors that speculated was a MOBA that moved “in the House” the success of the genus born initially as scenarios on Starcraft and Warcraft III. Now the mystery has been unveiled during PAX East in Boston

Hearthstone open beta starts

“HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft” will be a digital version of the famous strategic collectible card games and trading cards, in which the player can challenge each other using their own digital bouquets on the tables decorated with elements addressing the Warcraft universe.

The game will be presented to the public in accordance with the freemium model, the player will be able to obtain new cards as prizes by playing both purchasing via digital packages that contain 5 random cards ciauscuno among the 300 that will be available at launch.

To play you do not need any prior knowledge of the events told in the saga of Warcraft, will be the game itself to give you any information about the history that could return useful

If you are interested in participating in the Beta of the new title you can “proprovi” through the links that you find on the official site of the game, you will be prompted to login to your Battle.Net account and download a special application that will create a profile of your system.

After about 6 months of Closed Beta, “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft”, the strategic card game online Free2Play Blizzard, becomes available for everyone with the launch of the Open Beta for Europe.

Hearthstone by the chance to meet another player (or deal with artificial intelligence) using digital decks led by a hero of the saga of Warcraft and that can be composed of various types of cards:

Servants: each card servant will attack points, the damage it can inflict, and hit points, representing the life of the servant; some servants might also have special skills which will allow for example to others your servants, to treat the servants or the hero, to protect the hero and the other servants becoming the only possible opponent’s targets, etc

General skills: skill cards that can be used by all the heroes

Class skills: skill card specific to the chosen hero, mimicking the abilities of World of Warcraft classes represented by the heroes.

The heroes, as mentioned a few lines above, represent each a class of the original version of World of Warcraft, then remain excluding death Knights and monks probably under some expanding, and define the style of play you need to take in the match, let’s see them together:

  • Jaina Marefiero, Lady of the Kirin Tor, Maga
  • Rexxar, the half-Ogre, Hunter
  • Uther Pendragon, the Herald of light, Paladin
  • Garros Malogrido, War Leader of the Horde, Warrior
  • Malfurion Grantempesta, disciple of Cenarius, Druid
  • Gul’Dan, leader of the Shadow Council, Warlock
  • Thrall, son of Durotan, Shaman
  • Anduin Wrynn, Prince of Roccavento, priest
  • Valeera-Sanguinar, Guardian of Tirisfal, Ladra
  • When you start playing you will have a single hero, Jaina, and a deck of cards. You can unlock new heroes defeating them in any mode (except the tutorial) while the cards you can get “leveling” the hero, or by purchasing packages; You can buy both packages via the reward of the game through the shop, which laid the Hearthstone Freemium.
druid deck

Which one is the strongest Hearthstone Class – January Power Rank

Big Root Druid – The druid is the Class to play and the Class to beat right now. if you are not playing druid you should be thinking about ways to beat this monster of a deck because you are going to find lots of them in the hearthstone ladder.

Aloha! Today we have a Druid deck, which is currently one of the most constant decks is in the meta. This variant works according to me the best by the variation that the deck gives you. You can play aggressively or defensively depending on your position in the game. Even if you don’t plan to play this deck itself is worthwhile to go through this list once so you know what to expect if you encounter a Druid.

druid deck
At the start of the game you have to be at least go for a zen Loot Hoarder, Novice Engineer, Wild Pyromancer (although it already is not ideal because of its damage ability with spells). The ideal hand here can be much and is difficult to describe because there are a lot of crazy with Innervate openers that you can make, which even I after a week with this deck yet seen. Our hacks can help you build this deck in a matter of days without spending a dime.

2 x Innervate
1 x Claw
2 x Wrath
1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
1 x Loot Hoarder
2 x Novice Engineer
2 x Wild Pyromancer
2 x Earthen Ring Farseer
2 x Harvest Golem
2 x Swipe
2 x Defender of Argus
2 x Keeper of the Grove
1 x Starfall
2 x Druid of the Claw
1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
1 x The Black Knight
2 x Ancient of Lore
1 x Cairne Bloodhoof
1 x Cenarius
The Innervate are a good way to open something unexpected to where your opponent has no answer to giving you some bats can stretch time, because this is where the deck is all about. The word Bloodmage Thalnos best not used too quickly, certainly not as minion on turn 2 (exception is if your full hand has no minions, and even then …). The Bloodmage Thalnos is there for the spell power, deathrattle will get you the extra card of his is nice, but not for which it is used, you combine him with Swipe (5 damage on 1 target and 2 damage on all other) of Wrath (4 damage on a target or 2 damage and draw a map).

Defender or Argus aims to make even more taunts, against Warlocks this deck has some difficulty but this los you on with taunts, taunts and … taunts. 2 Harvest Golem with taunt give a huge problem because of their deathrattle for Warlocks. The open beta is proving to be very interesting with some of the underdogs like the Hunter gaining some ground in the competitive scene.
Cost of this deck is high with 5 Cenarius and Sylvanas Windrunner legendaries, but are replaceable with 2 Ancient of War.

Big Boy Warrior Control – Warrior is back after all the nerfs this class suffered with a new style. The Warrior Control is a very consistent anti-rush deck that thrives in the current meta-game where hunters and aggressive decks seem to be the norm.

Aloha, we’re going to take a look at this Warrior deck full of large dangerous minions. After the Charge patch against Warrior Charge decks we thought that this deck would be away, but it appears still to be stronger than ever.

warrior deck
In a meta game that dominated by Druids, Shamans, Warlocks and Hunters feel this super fast Aggro Control deck perfectly at home. The ability to remove all opposition in the first turns to makes clear the Board for your own much more dominant minions. In general, you have more large minions and game changing cards than your opponent has possibilities to remove it. An explosive finishing with we do not say no to Grommash Hellscream.

2 x Inner Rage

2 x Execute
2 x Shield Slam
2 x Whirlwind
2 xFiery War Axe
1 x Cleave
2 x Slam
2 x Armorsmith
2 x Cruel Taskmaster
2 x Shield Block
2 x Acolyte of Pain
1 x Tinkmaster Overspark
1 x Brawl
1 x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
1 x Cairne Bloodhoof
1 x Gorehowl
1 x Grommash Hellscream
1 x Ragnaros the Firelord
1 x Alexstrasza
1 x Ysera

I do not need to give a lot of explanation around how to play with this deck, throw that much to early high mana cost cards. Cleave, Slam, Fiery War Axe, are good starting hand.
A super fun deck with a very small level of difficulty to play, unfortunately, is hugely expensive to craft this deck with its 6 legendaries, but here is the deck running around.

hearthstone review

Complete Hearthstone Open Beta Overview – The Game So Far

There is a lot of hype around the new Disney movie Maleficent not only because Jolie will be portraying the Evil Queen but also because Lana Del Rey made a cover of the old song “Once Upon a Dream” that will be part of the movie Soundtrack. I love both artists and i’m very excited to see the movie.. but i’m wondering where i can find the rest of the tracks for the full soundtrack? there isn’t much information available other than the new Lana’s song.

hearthstone review

Set in the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone is a free game of digital strategy which enters the open beta phase in the summer of 2013. Players can choose to play as one of nine heroes of Warcraft and then take turns playing cards with his mallet to cast powerful spells, the use of weapons or heroic skills, or summon powerful characters to crush his opponent.


  • 9 original WoW classes
  • More than 300 cards with more to come in the future
  • Short action-packed duels
  • 3 different game modes to practice, interact with others and build decks
  • Collection administrator to navigate through your deck, cards disenchantment, etc
  • Multiplatform gaming experience
  • Completely free


Players will be able to build a cover on the basis of one of the nine epic Warcraft heroes, each representing the original kinds of Warcraft world:


The Druids are versatile hybrids which changes shape in different ways to fulfill its role. They can be good tanks or rogues stealth, damages cast and do the healing, and even the resurrection.


Hunters delivered weapon damage distance with bows, pistols and crossbows. The meek many varieties of animals to serve as combat pets causing damage and bandwidth benefits. Very adept at kite, have a lot of tools that allow them to avoid combat melee, which is a weakness.


The wizards were going attack, magic with effects very powerful direct damage spells and the area. They also have a wide variety of spells of public services at their disposal, including crowd control and the ability to conjure up food and water. Despite possessing the values of health relatively low armor, and the Magi are very effective in PvP.


Paladins wear heavy plate armor and use of Manna. They have groups of strong fans (blessings and auras) at your disposal, and you can heal, tank or melee damage.


Masters of healing and preservation, the priests are a versatile healing class have the opportunity to specialise in damage. They can be powerful in healing of a single character, or many allies at the same time and also have a wide variety of public services available spells.

Masters of stealth and assassination, rogues do massive melee damage with a flurry of poisoned weapons, dual wielding. With its ability to incapacitate enemies, blast damage, and to stop / locking spells, are formidable and much feared characters.


Shamans are teachers and spiritual leaders of the elements, the use of spells and totems to heal and improve the members of the party. This kind of versatile electronic usage can fill the role of pitcher, curator and dealer damage melee. Damage High explosion makes effective in PvP.


Warlocks enslave demons and calls to black magic and curses to dominate and destroy his enemies. Attackers ranged mainly magic and employ demons summoned combat pet.


Warriors are melee of coated plates capable of filling the role of the tank or DPS melee fighters. Warrior abilities use rage is generated by treating and taking damage, but decays over time, while not in combat.


Hearthstone is already offering more than 300 letters and receive others additional later. Once you have decided what hero to play as, there are three types of cards of the players can build his deck with: spells, weapons and henchmen. Each card falls into any of the card or set “base” “expert”.

While basic cards are cards that form the basis of the class of each hero, and earn whenever you play a game, experts cards can only be found in packs of cards or created through the handicraft system, certain achievements give them also. They stand out due to their rarity: common (white), little frequent (blue), epic (purple), or legendary (orange). In general, the most rare card, the most complex is, often provides you with new strategic options. You can have any amount of letters from experts in his collection, although only two of a common, rare or epic letter, and one of any legendary letter, can be placed in a deck. Basic cards and experts have an important role to play in all the covers.

Hearthstone main game modes include:


In practice mode, players can hone their skills and test new ideas cover against AI opponents of baseline levels or expert skill and unlock new heroes playable in the process.

In this mode, the players duel each other to increase your ranking medal indicating their skill level and the level of opponents that will face, gaining new packs of cards along the way. Matchmaking will pair up against a worthy opponent. In addition to participating in the match-hechos duels, players can also choose to battle against your friends.

The Arena

In this mode, the ability to cover is part of the fun. The players will gather a new cover, choosing from a selection of cards for the party, and then duel other participants Forge for chance to win packs of cards. Cards that are selected to build its terrace with are for them to keep and can be added to other covers in its collection since its Forge duels are complete.

Manage your Card Collection

The administrator of the collection in the game will help players create, save and edit several covers for any situation or style of game that comes to mind. Allows you to browse your collection of cards in constant expansion, card disenchanted raw materials to new vessels, and the creation of a variety of custom decks to meet their changing strategies.

There will also be a function included that will allow new players to build a deck without having to understand all the nuances of the housing construction. You will examine your deck and card collection and offer suggestions on what should be added, including a brief reasoning behind these recommendations by which you can learn a little more about how to build a large terrace.

Elaboration of works in the following way: experts cards desencanta your collection be awarded arcane dust which, after having collected enough, can be used to develop other cards of your choice. The amount of the received powder and / or the cost of the created card depends on the rarity of the card. Basic cards can not be disenchanted.


Hearthstone is free, and there are a number of different ways to acquire cards through the game. All the letters that appear in the game you can win, with some cards granted to the duel or by completing achievements and others inside packs of cards. Even though the game is free for many players it’s hard to grind gold and get good cards to make a decent deck, if you are one of those players you can check our hearthstone hacks and try to build a consistent deck.